Friday, February 17, 2006

The Palestine Solidarity Movement's leaders have been hanging out at a blog called KabobFest, in which they are discussing their conference at Georgetown University. (One of their organizers, Huwaida Arraf, confirmed openly that they work with terrorists although she adds the disclaimer that the cooperation involves only nonviolent activities: Anyway, in the spirit of the occasion, we offer a public-relations "Kabobfest" of our own:
as well as a pig-sticking event (, 115Kb animation). The keynote address has already been recorded and can be heard here (, 234 Kb).

Thursday, February 16, 2006

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I'll post this here first before breaking this heart breaking news elsewhere.

I apologise to all Muslims for the recent Qur'an burnings in and around Vancouver, Canada. There have been a number of secret meetings in the city and environs during which people have burnt Qur'ans.

I find this deplorable, and I am sorry to write that it happened at all. I urge all concerned to stop burning Qur'ans. The planned Qur'an burning should not take place. Those in Burnaby, Surrey, and White Rock who burned Qur'ans have already received copies of this plea, and I hope those in North Vancouver and Haney will also receive them soon.

I understand that those who meet to burn Qur'ans in New West Minster are refusing to cease their activities. This is shameful. Please, do not continue this activity.

The Qur'an burnings planned for tomorrow evening in the above mentioned cities should not take place.

Those who are expressing a wilingness to join this activity in such places as Prince George and Penticton should consider the depths of feeling this will provoke in our Muslim communities, and simple prudence should encourage them to cease all such considerations immediately.

I ask that all concerned forward this notice to people who might be similarly concerned. I think it's high time that we inform our Muslim friends that even though there are dozens of Qur'an burnings going on in Vancouver weekly that it represents only a small minorty of extremists, not the vast majority of peaceful citizens here who know that Islam is a religion of peace.

Thank you, Dag.
Dhimmitude is Alive and Well on Internet Forums

While all the brouhaha going on around the world over Muslims being offended by the now famous Muhammed cartoons, one would think conservatives would be able to support Denmark’s battle for freedom of speech.

Think again. As a regular poster on the Sean Hannity Forum I am appalled at the decision by the Moderators on that forum to no longer allow us to have those silly cartoons as avatars.

They believe because they are offensive to Muslims we should not be allowed to use them. They do not want to insult the “religion” of Islam.

To be fair, the Mods do not take kindly to insulting Christianity and Judaism. So their reasoning is because Islam is a religion that should be respected we have no right to offend the Muslim posters on the boards.

These avatars have been in use since Muslims around the world began rioting over them trying to squelch freedom of speech in the West.
Now, all of a sudden, they are no longer allowed.

All I have to say is…WELL EXCUSE ME for offending the followers of an evil ideology that seeks to subjugate or kill me because I refuse to bow to their false god.

The sad part is even after explaining how Islam is nothing like Christianity and Judaism to them, they still don’t get it or they don’t want to get it.

To add insult to injury, A Muslim poster violated the rules of the forum by posting a nasty comment about Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. This infraction is called Contempt of Host (Sean) and Contempt of Affiliate (Rush who also works for ABC Radio which owns and pays for the boards).
When American Muslim was reported for violating the Terms of Service all she received was a stern warning. This violation usually gets the member a “time out” from the boards, i.e.: 24 hours, 48 hours etc. etc. or a total ban from the forums.
But OH NOOOO! NOT someone with the screen name “American Muslim”

It is a sad day on the Sean Hannity forum as dhimmitude once again has reared its ugly head.

Apologetics, appeasement, political correctness and ignorance will be the death of all.

Palestine Solidarity Movement leader Fadi Kiblawi gives the keynote address at Georgetown University tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The Palestine Solidarity Movement will be holding its annual divest-from-Israel hatefest at Georgetown University this weekend. More information on this Islamofascist fifth column has been posted at and http://www.stoptheism.html. To show proper respect for the Palestine Solidarity Movement's boycott of Israel, I made a point of buying this item in the foreign food section of my grocery store:

I spent about 5 minutes looking for something from Denmark so I could show proper respect for the Islamofascist boycott of Denmark but I was not successful. Anyway, two of the PSM's leaders, Fadi "I want to strap on a bomb" Kiblawi and Nadeem Muaddi, chose to caricature me on their blog (Kabobfest) and far be it from me to not return a favor. This is basically the caliber of the Palestine Solidarity Movement's leadership:

Note that the above is NOT a disrespectful picture of Mohammed!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This was inspired by a scene from the movie "Zardoz" with Sean Connery and Charlotte Rampling.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Disco Night in Shari'aville.

Crank up the volume.