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Friday, May 26, 2006

Kafir Nation

A Song for the 21st Century, By Jingo

The dogs of war are loose and the savage Jihadist brute
All bent on blood and robbery is out to kill and loot.
It seems a thrashing now and then will never help to tame
That thug, and so he's out upon the same old game.
The Eagle did his best to find him some excuse
To crawl back to his hole again. All efforts were no use.
He hungers for his victim, he's pleased when blood is shed
But let us hope his crimes may all recoil on his own head.

We don't want to fight but by Jingo if we do,
We've got the guns, we've got the men, and got the money too!
We've fought the Jihadi before and while we're Yankees true,
We'll beat the "Muslim" militants bloody, black and blue.

The misdeeds of the "Muslims" are known throughout all lands,
A thousand years of slaughter with blood upon their hands.
They butchered at Khartoum, left Gordon dead and cold.
How many subjects done to death we'll ne'er perhaps be told.
They butchered the unbelievers, man, woman yes and child.
With cruelties their Caliphs their murderous hours beguiled,
And poor unhappy Christians their cruel yoke must bear,
While prayers for "Freedom and Revenge" go up into the air.


He who began the quarrel will soon have to bite the dust.
The Kafir is thrice armed for he hath his quarrel just.
The Left protests the misery that always comes from war
But appeasement of aggressors kills many, many more.
Let them be warned: the Eagle's talons are sharp and deadly still.
We've proved our might, we've claimed our right, and ever, ever will.
Should we have to draw the sword our way to victory we'll fight,
With the Battle cry of Americans: "Freedom, God, and Right!"


(With due credit to G. H. Macdermott for the original)

A Song for the 21st Century

Monday, May 22, 2006

Failure to recognize and speak out against the threat of Mohammadism Is slow suicide. If you think Islam is what the President of the United states and Cair says it is, you aren’t drinking Kool-Aid®. Your are guzzling garbage juice ® waiting for slaughter.