Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lebanon is Not Innocent

Lebanon is guilty of capitulation to hezbollah and refusing to clean out the hornet’s nest on their southern border.

When the mohammadans are allowed to operate freely in the land the government and the people of that land are as guilty as hezbollah as they refuse to kill the scum and instead allow them to continue their assault on Israel.

Lebanon is not innocent Lebanon is guilty. Lebanon is guilty; they are guilty of sitting idly by while hezbollah runs their country for them. Lebanon should use its army however weak it may or may not be and face the tyrants in the backyard, and if the Lebanese government needs help they can ask Israel, and the United States etc to help get rid of the cancer that is eating the nation of Lebanon alive. It all comes down to brains, guts, and determination. Leaders of nations have to have all or they are worthless.

The fact is that Lebanon has an islamo-jihadist thug group functioning as part of their government, and running the southern part of the country. This, in combination with the fact that the mohammadans want to push The Jews/Israel into the sea and finish where Hitler left off is why the Lebanese government is doing nothing, nor is it willing to rid itself of the virus that flows through their national veins. If the government of Lebanon wants unity with its neighbors then they must rid themselves of the Nazis in the backyard, hezbollah, and denounce jihad completely.

There seems to be a mentality in the world that tends to make a place for islamo-jihadist thug groups to remain as if they have some sort of legitimacy, the mentality of fools. For instance, Israel had for the longest time allowed the PLO; then their replacement, hamas, and hezbollah, and every other jihadist group that pops up to remain and looked upon on as a body to be negotiated with. Israel has bargained with them, made deals with them, signed treaties with them and given land to them. The only thing Israel has NEVER attempted is wiping them the hell out. This is their chance.

There is no room on the planet for these jihadist thug groups they must be finished off once and for all; they have no right to existence on planet Earth.

If the Lebanese government cared about the nation they would do whatever it takes to eliminate hezbollah. If they don't do anything to eliminate the mohammadan threat they either do not want hezbollah eliminated, or they are just too fearful to do anything about it. In the case that they are fearful I would say they still do not care about the nation or its people because the politicos let their fear control their actions. So, either they fear too much and do not really care, or they do not want hezbollah to be destroyed and again do not care which the latter is more than likely the fact.

Not so long ago a small budding nation with a lot of guts and a rattlesnake symbol on its flag stood up to the dominant world power and won. Surely Lebanon can stand up to the Nazi islamo-jihadist scourge hezbollah; that is if they really want a stable nation, and peaceful relations with their neighbor to the south, Israel.

~Lord Dreadmore