Saturday, June 24, 2006

Everything will be Ok

It never mattered if every muslim could be a potential terrorist what mattered was distorting the fact that Islam could be the source of terrorism. That fact even though once common knowledge has been consigned to the dust bin of history.

The civil unrest with the wide dissemination of that information would be against the constitution need to promote domestic tranquility America cannot choose to fight against muslims because muslim live in America.

We ( the political hacks and media wizards )are using and Islamic lying technique to lie to ourselves to resolve a conflict. an excepted use of taqiyya. I don’t think it is always good to adopt other cultures rules .

In this case it is suicide I used to think the USA would last for about 100 more years I don’t give it 20.
Todays children have no love for America with the exception of those willing to put it on the line.

Most see America as the trouble makers wrong because we have so much we must be evil.

Parents are “raising” their kids with no clear opinion about what is right or wrong witness the runaway girl who had scholastic skills and athletic prowess but was without the ability to reason that going to live with a Muslim man in another country might not be wise had she know of Christ she would never have been such a utter failure as a human being .

Now she will give birth to jihad killers with no future.
She is a hero of freedom.
She is right because she doesn’t know things or doesn’t care.
She is better than people because all ideas are the same.
She is free of the burden of discernment,
she knows that to discriminate is a sin.
She may not know her ass from a hole in the ground ,
But she is a good person and maybe someday I will be one too.
Everything will be Ok.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Grocer pleads guilty in food-stamp fraud Chicago Tribune

Hatem Fariz, of Spring Hill, Fla., admitted that from May 1999 to December 2000 he fraudulently redeemed more than $1.6 million from the Link program.

Fariz would let customers swipe their food-stamp cards for specific amounts of money and then pay them back a lesser amount in cash. He would then collect the difference.

Fariz, who formerly led a Chicago mosque, moved to Florida, where he was arrested for funding Islamic Jihad. At trial last year, a jury acquitted him of several terror-related charges but didn't reach a verdict on eight counts. He is free on $1.1 million bail.

For admitting fraud and money laundering in Chicago, he faces up to 3 years, 5 months in prison
June 22, 2006
Most Dutch say Islam incompatible with Western society

Interesting findings reported in the Jerusalem Post:

LONDON - Islam is incompatible with modern Western society, according to a majority of those responding to a recent Dutch survey. Most of the people polled expressed a negative view of Islam and Muslims.
The survey was released the same week that a Dutch Justice Ministry report said radical Islam had made significant inroads among the country's immigrants, posing a threat to the nation's security.

Known for its laissez-faire social attitudes, the sharp turn in public opinion against Islam in the Netherlands has sparked a debate that has prompted criticism of Queen Beatrix and the government for allegedly abandoning Western values in the face of Muslim pressure.

The poll conducted by Dutch research firm Motivaction for the GPD newspaper chain on June 2 found that 63 percent of those surveyed believed Islam was incompatible with modern European life.

More than a quarter of respondents said Muslim immigrants were rude, lazy, intolerant and prone to criminal behavior. They said the increase in Muslim immigration has had a negative effect on civic and social life, with almost 80 percent saying relations between Muslims and non-Muslims had become strained.

Government-backed initiatives to acculturate Muslim immigrants had failed, respondents said, as most believed that many immigrants had walled themselves off from Western society in an attempt to create outposts of their home cultures on Dutch soil.

islam incompatible With Western Society

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006

Mohamad in Hell with his allah

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Team America

Dirkka Dirkka mohamad jihad