Friday, November 24, 2006

Why is Tampa's Fox 13 Marching for CAIR?

The above is just one example of local Tampa Bay Area Channel 13, now the local Fox affiliate, showing extreme bias against anyone willing to attack Islamic beliefs, in this case Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite. This is the piece of MSM trash that will be analyzed bit by bit tonight. This outrageous bit of local journalism also shows the limitless extremes that the station will go to, particularly reporter Craig Patrick, to smear people like Ms. Brown-Waite, even using the absurd tactic of inserting clips of a KKK rally and a historical Nazi clip into the piece.

Patrick also seems to, along with his colleagues, Anchors John Wilson and Kathy Fountain, need little prompting to praise and feature CAIR-Florida's Ahmed Bedier. These individuals and the news team at Fox 13 are obviously either suffering from an overdose of political correctness, or are getting something out of their obvious brown-nosing to the local Muslim community. There is simply no reason for a news station anywhere to give airtime to some of the absurd claims that Mr. Bedier has tried to champion, and which he has conveniently uploaded to YouTube for the world to see.

Most would ignore some of these issues, and certainly wouldn't feature Mr. Bedier in so many interviews. Yet other local affiliates also feature Bedier, such as Channels 8 and 9, Channel 9 even featuring Bedier for their segment "On the Soapbox". However, of Bedier's 78 uploaded videos on YouTube, (no joke) 13 are from appearances on Fox 13, most with the same on-air "talent" appearing, usually not to do any hardball type of interview, but rather to offer segways for his manipulative statements.

I offer this not as a conclusive statement, but simply as an opportunity for Channel 13 to prove me wrong, and for CAIR to publicly state that they have made no contributions to media outlets in this country. This information can be obtained with an investigation, which I hope this all comes to, but for now I think the evidence as shown in the video above proves either bias based on the views of the staff of Fox 13, which is appalling as the report clearly smears a member of Congress in a rather dangerous way, or that there must be something going on under the table. I do not think that CAIR is above such a move, though I have no evidence in this case. Who knows, perhaps the news team and Bedier are just great golfing friends. There is something amiss here though, and if you cannot see it then you are either blind, deaf and dumb, or a subscriber to CAIR's newsletter.

First, this clip, point by point.....

Read it all at WWCMD?


Blogger LD said...

the media is all out to get here, to make her look stupid etc..the thing is she needs to refine some of her statments. for example NOT all terrorists are muslims, plenty terrorists are not muslims..she needs to understand Jihad, then she can say ALL jihadists are muslims.And when the media stooge asked her what she plans on doing to educate her comunity she should hacve said "people are responsible to educate themselves and those who understand islam is not peacful based on the actions of mohammad" she nails the scum to the wall and wins the argument

8:51 PM  
Blogger Amenhotep®© said...

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