Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pim Fortuyn's Prediction

Whatever your thoughts on the elections yesterday in the US, always remember that things can go very differently. Long one of my favorite video clips of Pim Fortuyn, I was surprised to find it referenced in an article linked on TROP today. The article, "Sleepwalking Dutch Lulled Into Complacency On Terrorism", written by Beila Rabinowitz of, deals mainly with the current political situation as seen through the lens of past assaults and threats, does mention the predictions of both Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn.

Theo van Gogh had said before Pim's assasination:

"I suspect Fortuyn will be the first in a line of politically incorrect heretics to be eliminated. This is what our multicultural society has brought us: a climate of intimidation in which all sorts of goat fuckers can issue their threats freely."

(goat fuckers being a joke name used by van Gogh for the Muslims in his country)

Also there is the rather spotty translation of Fortuyn's comments from an appearance on the Dutch TV program "Jensen" just a few months before he was murdered, but it's no less spotty than my own translation:

Presciently, Fortuyn's predicted his assassination. In an interview which can be seen on You Tube [Pim Fortuyn Als mij wat gebeurt, "If something happens to me] the prime ministerial candidate declared:

"If you see what I get in the mail from time to time - I mean all the threats - it wouldn't make you cheerful. And the Dutch government - I find that a bloody shame, [it] helps to create a climate, the demonizing of me as a person. And if something should happens to me soon, and I am happy you are giving me the opportunity - and if something happens to me soon, then they are partly responsible. And they cant remove their hands from responsibility and say but it wasn't me who committed the attack. You have created the climate. And that has to stop."

Not included in this is the wry joke that Fortuyn makes asking if anyone has anymore pies to throw, referring to the infamous incident (which can also be seen on YouTube in a Dutch news report here) in which he was pied by leftist radicals with pies containing urine and feces, a comment that shows his immense charm and wit even without translation.

I am just happy to see this linked, as the user who posted this video is one of my favorite Fortuynist cohorts (YouTube user "problemsolver71"). I am also very happy that after our initial posting of Pim videos there has been a veritable avalanche on YouTube of Pim videos by others still loyal to him. But THIS video should be seen and understood in all of the West, for after all, Pim was not murdered by a Muslim fanatic or group of them as was van Gogh. He was murdered by Volkert van der Graaf, a far-leftist, who admitting to murdering Fortuyn to "protect the Muslims". Fortuyn was also quite aware of the possibility of his assasination, and spoke of this several times in the months before his death, his accusations left to us from beyond the grave. As his predictions proved, a politically correct media that creates a climate that hostile to those succeeding in confronting the threats we face is a danger to us all, wherever in the West we happen to be.


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