Friday, October 06, 2006

Malaysia's Jihad against the Singapore Leader

By MA Khan
06 October, 2006

When I landed in Malaysia for a few years in the early 1990s in search of a better living, I was awe-stricken by its success in economic development. Coming from the hardship of South Asia, I marveled at the outstanding advancement and modernization Malaysia had achieved under the stewardship of the then prime minister (PM) Mahathir Muhammad. He defied the West unlike the slavish leaders of oil-rich Middle East countries to achieve it all. Mahathir's anti-West and anti-imperialist rhetoric would inspire me as much as his success in economic development of the country. Mahathir became my instant hero for Muslim world.

On a weekend visit to neighboring Singapore, I was further awe-stricken by the economic success in the tiny nation. And I was equally disappointed by the condition of Malay Muslim community there, who were evidently a poorer community doing all the low-class and low-pay jobs. Muslims were oppressed, exploited and marginalized by majority Chinese people in Singapore. Malaysia treated her minority Chinese people well, who were doing better economically.

Such was my fleeting judgments. I knew how the state discriminated against the Chinese and Indian minority communities there. However, Chinese and the Indian were controlling much of the economy. This latter reason was good enough to reach my unfailing judgment at the time.

The allure of money landed me in the infidel land in a few years. Of course, after the 9/11, heart has changed [1]. My great hero Mahathir Muhammad has found his true name of the Great Jihadist in my heart, whom I now consider a very dangerous man for the peace of the world.

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