Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is it possible for the West to grovel any more shamelessly at the feet of the Religion of Death?

In a disgusting inversion of truth, a television news report today expressed concern over whether "Islam's wounds would be healed."

They were talking about Muslim rage over Pope Benedict's citing a Byzantine emperor's demonstrably true statement that Mohammed espoused the use of violence in spreading his religion. (For an irony within an irony: Emperor Paleologus' city, Constantinople, was besieged by Islam during his reign, finally falling to the Religion of Peace within just a few decades of making the infamous remark. I guess he knew what he was talking about!)

Rather than patronize those whose feelings are hurt by the truth, Western media should be talking about the actual, irreparable wounds caused by fourteen hundred years of fighting against, subduing and humiliating, and killing non-Muslims to establish the reign of Allah and his false prophet.

Islam wounds.

On a related note: The federal government can ban spinach within hours over three deaths, but it does nothing except apologize for Islam which has raped, enslaved, and slaughtered millions upon millions.

A tangential hypocrisy: Liberals ignore or deny the stifling effect of taxes on human behavior until they want to use your vote to control others. In this case, they argue that raising taxes on cigarettes will reduce smoking.

That they would be so honest in their other tax-induced suffocations of human creativity and industry.

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