Monday, June 26, 2006

Truth is not bigotry
(Sometimes it just hurts)

Smash The Sword

Can America, The West Survive Their Own Political Correctness?

A brand New Book Has Been Unleashed Detailing the Agenda to Covertly Destroy American Culture from within

(PRWEB) June 24, 2006 -- American and Western culture are under attack from within. There are intolerant infiltrators living among us. Despite what they try to tell you, their beliefs are incompatible with Western society.

The new book, Truth is not bigotry (Sometimes it just hurts), exposes the truth behind the agenda to undermine the American way of life, and implement their sub-standard social climate.

"Truth is not bigotry" waves goodbye to political correctness, exposing the unsavory behavior of those who are here with the intent to undermine the very foundations that our free societies were built on in order to one day implement a social climate that is both backward and belligerent.

While the Evening News won't share this information with you, the creators of this book saw the importance of doing so.

Reviews and comments:

"D.C. Watson is an indefatigable anti-jihadist with a deep love and respect for the freedoms offered by the U.S., which are threatened by the jihad movement."

Robert Spencer, Director;
Jihad Watch
Author; The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades

"A refreshing look at the American scene from someone who obviously loves his family, his friends, his community and his nation…D.C. Watson calls it as he sees it with no apologies."

-Andrew Whitehead, Director;

"This book gets right to telling you, in an irresistibly attractive set of short essays which cut to the chase--from the author's life before 9-11, to the profundity of his reaction to the events of that day. After reading these essays, you'll know that America's core still has the right stuff to win, to prevail, and to heal our culture."

-George Mason, Director;
Sixth Column & Sixth Column Against Jihad



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