Saturday, September 30, 2006

Junior Qaddafi’s Attempt to Placate the Rage of Allah for Father’s Sin?

by MA Khan

Intro: The Libyan dictator Muammar Ghaddafi's son demanded that Pope's apology is meaningless and instead demanded his unconditional and immediate conversion to Islam. But the sticking point here is his failure to point fingers at his own father who probably is the greatest offender of Islam and Prophet Muhammad alive today; even greater than Salman Rushdie. One must wonder why?

Pope Benedict’s reference to a quote from the letter of a Byzantine empire, written to a Persian Muslim scholar in 1391, created a violent hysteria across the Muslim world. The Pope quoted the emperor: "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

What followed in the proceeding days are known to everybody: burning and bombing of Churches, killing of Christians including an Italian nun in Somalia, many Islamist clerics and militant groups sought the death of the Pope and yet others sought the immediate conversion of the Pope to save his life here and salvation in the life next.

What caught my attention is a report in Saudi Gazette, dated 20 September 2006, in which Muhammad Qaddafi, the elder son of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, demanded the immediate conversion of the Pope to Islam. I quote the report here:

"The elder son of Libyan Leader Muammar Ghaddafi has called on Pope Benedict XVI to convert to Islam immediately, dismissing last week's apology from the pontiff for offending Muslims.

"If this person were really someone reasonable, he would not agree to remain at his post one minute but would convert to Islam immediately", Mohammad Ghaddafi told an awards ceremony on Monday evening for an International competition to memorize the Holy Quran. "We say to Pope - whether you apologize or not is irrelevant as apologies make no difference to us". [1]"

What surprises me is the fact that a much greater offender of Islam lives in his own home and is his own father. Citing the literature compiled by Daniel Pipes in his book on the Salman Rushdie Fatwa [2], Ibn Warraq writes:

“Perhaps, the most famous contemporary (blasphemous) Muslim mentioned by Pipes is the Libyan leader, Mu’ammar Qaddafi, whose public statements on Muhammad, the Koran and Islam amount to a blasphemy greater than anything discussed so far. Qaddafi confined Sharia to private matters and in its stead; his own ideas were promulgated in the public domain. He changed the Islamic calendar, mocked the Mecca pilgrims as “guiles and foolish”, criticized Prophet Muhammad and claimed his own achievements were far greater than those of the Prophet. In general, he showed extreme doubt about the truth of the Koran and even the details of the life of the Prophet…” [3]

By now, there will be little doubt in anyone’s mind that Muammar Qaddafi remains one of the greatest offenders of Islam alive, even greater than Salman Rushdie. The Pope’s crime against Islam and Allah is nothing as compared to the elder Qaddafi’s. Indeed, just citing someone else’s view hardly constitutes a crime on part of the Pope or anybody else. Although religious leaders have found Qaddafi anti-Islamic and deviant, there has not been any death-fatwa declared against him, no demand for apology, nor any call for regret and immediate submission to the supreme power of Allah and his religion.

It now requires asking as to how the junior Qaddafi, not satisfied with the Pope's regrets, demands the latter’s immediate and unconditional conversion to Islam for a non-criminal reference, yet never made a simple reference of dissatisfaction against the greatest offender of his religion. But instead, he lives in perfect harmony with the same man, who should be considered the greatest evil man in his own judgment.

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Junior Qaddafi's Attempt to Placate the Rage of Allah for Father's Sin?


Blogger KAOSKTRL said...

The elder son of Libyan Leader Muammar Ghaddafi has called on Pope Benedict XVI to convert to Islam immediately, dismissing last week's apology from the pontiff for offending Muslims.

You'd think that would be big news .

10:24 AM  
Blogger LD said...

you would think, but why spoil a good thing

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