Thursday, February 22, 2007

Calling it Like I See It

.....(M)any of us have been screaming the same message for so long at people, some of us even in person, and still are being ignored, that writing about our desire to protect Western Civilization from the threats from within and without grows stale at times. I commented on an inside joke I have with myself that I just want to keep posting my own older posts but in larger type and with sirens blaring. I've already SAID IT. I can only apply the same message to newer stories before I just start thinking that the world is upside down. It is a bit like the police station scenes in the 1984 film "The Terminator"; (hey, my start was with movie analogies, if you will all remember;). Trying while handcuffed to convince people of a wasteland future and a Cyborg that could arrive at any moment while they all just call you nuts and/ or ignore you. That's right, I am the Kyle Reese of the new century.

Regarding another angle of this problem, in my convalescence I have discovered numerous sites on a sliver of the "blogosphere" which serve no purpose whatsoever other than to bash the anti-jihadi side of the blogs (that's us, though the main mentions are Malkin, "L'il Green Fascists", and other very high traffic sites). They offer no solutions, they serve only to mock others, from anyone who likes the television show "24" (Oh, please check out THIS piece of banality from "The Editors" at The Poor Man Institute Blog) or simply to endless comments (usually running at about 200-300 or more per post at this idiot's 'Best New Blog'), almost all directed at, well, anti-jihadi bloggers. And boy do they HATE Michelle Malkin. Whatever form of the endtimes they accept, they seem to have accepted Ms. Malkin as the harbinger of the beginning of the end. No, wait, this unappreciated bugger from the "left" side of the blogs (they go through great pains to stress how much they are ignored and underfunded while right-leaning bloggers are all raking it in, so, hey cheers to us! From my empty wallet to yours) has already left for new blog digs at I guess he has proven that point about being the underdog and all now, as well as he has considered to have done his job defining "fascism" as all of us and Michelle Malkin. Glenn, whatever-the-hell, there's a difference in writing well and writing the sort of essays that get noticed by outlets like Might I say "code speech"? Wait, that's OUR angle, right (no pun intended)?



"The Editors" at have proven their obsession with other bloggers by devoting a post to this post. The comments are highly amusing. They all remind me of my younger years reading "The New Yorker" only to end up hoping for a world with real responses and real expression of ideas and not such effete wispyness. Visitors from The Poor Man Institute are further directed to leave any comments on this post at the post on this matter at the Maverick News Media. Sorry, just one of those "if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there" sort of requests...LOL....I doubt if I really count as C-List. Leave that for people who really do update their blogs.

Read my article in full here, and visit the Poorman Institute only if you want to see people committing civilization suicide while being self-centered enough to have almost 100 comments devoted to bashing your humble correspondent.


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