Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The Palestine Solidarity Movement will be holding its annual divest-from-Israel hatefest at Georgetown University this weekend. More information on this Islamofascist fifth column has been posted at and http://www.stoptheism.html. To show proper respect for the Palestine Solidarity Movement's boycott of Israel, I made a point of buying this item in the foreign food section of my grocery store:

I spent about 5 minutes looking for something from Denmark so I could show proper respect for the Islamofascist boycott of Denmark but I was not successful. Anyway, two of the PSM's leaders, Fadi "I want to strap on a bomb" Kiblawi and Nadeem Muaddi, chose to caricature me on their blog (Kabobfest) and far be it from me to not return a favor. This is basically the caliber of the Palestine Solidarity Movement's leadership:

Note that the above is NOT a disrespectful picture of Mohammed!


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