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Anonymous SpreadTheWord said...

Please host these images (below) as well, they have to be available in many places. Free speech is everything, including insulting religions. Help to fight the cyberfight against oppression and censorship

The story of Jyllands-Posten's Mohammed Cartoons started with this book.

The Koran and the life of the prophet Mohammed by Kaare Bluitgen.

Original in Danish: Koranen og profeten Muhammeds liv - Kåre Bluitgen - Høst & Søn
Høst & Søn Denmark ISBN 87-638-0049-7 24-01-05 (Hoest & Soen)

It was this book that started the whole row. The author Kaare Bluitgen was not able to find an artist who would draw illustrations for the book, in fear of Muslim reprisals. This started editor of Jyllands Posten Flemming Rose to ask a number of artists to draw Muhammed. Now Danish goods are being boycotted in Muslim countries, flags and cars are being burt and Danes have been threatened, and the latest reports say Danes have been molested..

Here are the pictures from the book which started it all. I hope it is going to be translated into many languages!
It is best to teach children from an early age about the terror of islam and his terrible prophet. The book is based on the oldest authentic Muslim texts, and is not an 'anti-islam propaganda book', other than what the content of those satanic verses are completely on their own, without the help of any interpretor. Kaare Bluitgen is a socialist who lived in the Copenhagen Muslim Ghetto Noerrebro, where he watched how his children were being intimidated by Muslims and their religion. He decided to speak up. He is no right wing supporter but a socialist!

Download the pictures for safekeeping, and post them on other boards please.

Or for linking to pics at boards (but how long will they be there?) Don't just watch; save them and spread them.

Kaare Bluitgen Mohammed book illustrations

Other Mohammed Cartoons (Danish texts in cartoons translated into English):

Jyllands Posten Mohammed Cartoons

Did you know that importing or owning a bible is a criminal offence in Saudi Arabia?
That Coptic Christians are persecuted in Egypt? How can we take protests from these countries even remotely serious?

And they dare to protest? Why isn't this mentioned in the big media and presented to the islamic lowlifes who feel terribly insulted to see what everybody knows: Mohammed was a peadophile terrorist, and though not all muslims are terrorists today, most terrorists are muslims. Mohammed was a bloody murderer and anybody who follows him member of the worlds biggest terrorist organization: ISLAM.

See the pictures here

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Blogger LD said...

You know I think the real reason the muslims have a problem with those pics is that they dont depict muhammad as flower child, or a "Jesus" type figure.

like these do

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