Friday, January 20, 2006

On Jan. 26 we will begin to protest and organise agains fascist Islam and our Left dhimmi fascists who support the destruction of our Modernity. We're going to sit at McDonald's and wait for like minded people to join us to orgainise a resistence. At the bottom of this comment I've left notices where two of us will be to express our intentions to combat Islam. Below is what I think is at stake and why I think it's worth it to all of us to act in our own defence.

Free speech and the right to assemble to express it, those are rights we must actively pursue to make them meaningful, for otherwise we do not actually have them. An unused right is nothing. An abstraction, if one loses it, is no loss. The rights we have to assemble and express ourselves freely are rights we don't have if we refuse to use them. If we neglect our rights we have no rights and no right to complain if we actually lose the legal protection to use them. If from laziness or lack of concern we find ourselves not able to speak freely in public among our peers, then we desrve our loss. Others will take our rights and replace them with their obligations, and we, if we don't compete in the marketplace of ideas, will find ourselves poor and dispossesed. Such is the practicallity of life. Use it or lose it.

Our rights to speak freely and assemble freely in public are under attack by Muslims and their dhimmi supporters. They push constantly for more Islam and more appeasement of the Islamic cause. We have a right, even an obligation, to push back. If we refuse to do so, if we find ourselves pushed into the sea of Islam against our wishes, it will only be due to our lack of concern for our own lives and the lives of our communities. There is no legitimate complaint from those who lose their rights due to neglect.

If Western Modernity dies and Islam triumphs it will not be due to Islamic superiority but due to Western apathy, due to Western stupidity and cowardice and suicidal narcissism. If, as gloating Muslims chant all across Europe, our grandchildren will be Muslims, there is no one to blame but us. If Modernity collapses and the world reverts to ignorance, violence, slavery of the mind, and Islam, then it will be our fault for allowing it to have happened. It need not be but it most certainly will be that the West crumbles and dies because we did nothing to save it from the savages of Islam. What if they gave a war and we rolled over and waited to die?

Muslims are a police matter. There is nothing the private citizen in legitimate nations can do about them as a whole. But Islam is a matter of legitimate concern for each and every citizen of the world. Islam is a matter of personal interest and also a personal threat. Islam is a matter of individual concern, and if individuals do nothing to confront it and stop it from spreading and push it back and push it out from the Modernist world, then the West will die. Individuals will suffer, and so what? Those who refuse to defend themselves deserve what their masters do to them. The police will attend to police matters in service of those who rule, and if those who rule are Muslims, then the end of the West will be legitimate and legal. It will be final. It will be deserved.

What is to be done? There are some in the West who demand resistance, even victory over the threat of Islam. Not all Westerners are passive and timid. Some of us refuse to accept the seemingly inevitable triumph of barbarism in the West. Some of us still exercise our rights, and still speak freely in public-- the consequences be damned. Few though we are, two though we are, we demand action. We act alone.

Our actions are small and pale. Nothing in the West compares to the strength of the world-wide Muslim campaign to destroy our Western Modernity and to replace it with 7th century shari'a. Two of us, only two, demand the end of Islamic in the West. Our course of action is to meet our fellows in public venues to coordinate our programmes. We have picked the secular equivlent of the Islamic mosque: We will meet at McDonald's diners, sit in public, stand against Islam as free men and women and let the world know who and what we are. We will exercise our rights to free speech and free assembly. Two of us. No, not two Americans, not two British, not two Danes or two Spaniards or two Dutch or two Russian or two Indians. Two of us will stand up and publicly face down Islam by sitting in McDonald's diners, one in Australia and another in Canada. You will know us. We will wear blue scarves. Two of us. We will exercise our rights in the hope of saving your rights. Both of us will do that. Two of us.

Voltaire writes:I'll be at McDonalds in Sydney, Australia, on the 26th January as well. That will be Australia Day, and I assume that they will be open then.

I'll be at the McDonalds which is opposite the George St Cinemas, and right next to Planet Hollywood, and which is called Plaza Court. It's at 600 George St, just down from Town Hall. I'll be there between 7.00 and 9.00 pm.

I'll be wearing a light blue scarf.

And I will be at the Mc Donalds at Main and Terminal Sts near 2nd ave. in Vancouver, Canada on Jan. 26 from 7-9:00 pm.

Where will you be?


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