Monday, January 02, 2006

Our Modern world is under attack from many sides, not merely from Islam but also from our own people.
Those I refer to as Left dhimmi fascists, the cheer leaders of those destroyers of the modern world who would turn the course of history back to the feudal ages when men lived like farm animals in the care of the Church the landlords, and the King. We see that today in the rule by U. N. bureaucrats, E.U. bureaucrats, and the politically correct minders in the media, the universities, the churches of our nations: our intelligensia. Our public intellectuals, our moral leaders are leading us badly astray.

I wish to turn the tide of public opinion against those fascists of anti-Modernity, and in so doing I hope the average man on the street will not even think but simply respond automatically to Islam and Left dhimmi fascism with all the pent-up disgust he is now holding within himself. To do so requires a movement of which the lone man can be a part, can find a place in the crowd; and I hope to allow for conditions in which the crowd, the general public, can form and can form to hate Islam and its supporters in our midsts who enable it now to flourish. There will come a time when the man on the street stops pretending that Islam is a religion of peace. Then all Hell will break loose.

In the mean time, I work toward explaining why we in the West hold the illusionary ideas we hold. If we know why we think the things we think we can find that perhaps we are mistaken in some of those unexamined beliefs, and from there we might look for better ideas. If we find them, then the struggle gains force, and then the world will have a revolution against the norms of our time, a battle for a new world, a fight that goes to the streets, and a spoil that goes to the victor.
We in the West are doomed to die if we have if we have no will to fight and no reason to win. We will be subdued and slaughtered for the amusement of our Muslim rulers. We have lost our reason for being, and I hope we might regain it in time to fight back and triumph again in the world of men. I do my part by showing how we arrived at this intellectual dead-end in the modern Western world. I argue it is time to find a new path.

I hope to contribute here on ocassion with short introductions to longer pieces, and if you are interested in following up, please join me and my friends at

I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Regards, Dag.


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Nicely written.

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