Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Glenn Beck Makes a run at the truth.

He Charged hard with his Extremist Agenda exposed.

It was an pretty good first baby step. The last 15 minutes is a waste of tape. There for Glen never crosses the finish line as the context of his argument is lost if you cannot or will not prove prove your assertion," that islam has been hijacked" or "Islam is inherently evil" . Make a scriptural based argument and let the chips fall were they may Glenn.

Islamic reformers have no scriptural hook to hang their argument on. They are just the tip of the spear keeping you hoping ,while the blade slips further in. Never the less Kudos to GB the Clips will be on YT shortly. All in all a good effort a Solid C .


Blogger LD said...

Shoebat even spoke about abrogation, it seemed to fall on deaf ears for beck considering the last part of the show.

10:49 PM  

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