Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Muslims have threatened Sean Hannity’s children’s lives..

Sean Hannity's “Islam” opinion never based on facts is vocal. He is adamant the Islam is not a religion that kidnaps, cuts throats or commits terrorism, He voices this opinion despite what the Quran says on this which is in direct contradiction to his opinion and always has been. Sean Hannity carries the tell tail characteristic of people who have never studied Islam,, they have oft changing opinions that are inaccurate.

People who have an understanding of literal Islam know Islam was founded on murder thief kidnapping and intimidation. That must be why Sean has this strong opinion. Mohammad tried it the other way, telling his Meccan brothers all about his idea, but it wasn’t interesting and they didn’t care. Islam didn’t catch on until he started killing and stealing and getting rich, then Islam became the fastest growing religion in the world. Even a cursory study of the event surrounding Islam would have told him this. A sad state of affairs indeed I wish his children well I hope they like being Muslims .


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