Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No reality.‎

Western culture is committing suicide; it began slowly perhaps with the manipulation of ‎language, when I was a child. Good became Bad, Bad being very cool, cool being hip and ‎hip meaning unlikely to report a crime. It is with in this matrix of shades of grey morality ‎we all exist within, you personally may have a level of standards but those who discern ‎what is right hold a higher sway and seek to make all things equal They have a ‎megaphone of the media .They do not choose to conserve the meaning of word the ‎traditions of western culture or Americas promise for the future.‎

‎ They are liberals.‎

‎ Now people are manipulated by images on TV posed photo ops of tragic events .Our ‎concern for the dead innocent of our enemies outweighs our own concern for our own ‎innocent because we have been “convinced there is no real threat and no real enemy. We ‎grieve the dead of our enemy because we have a different standard than our enemy we ‎don’t know this as a culture because we have not the courage to name the enemy for fear ‎of offending them. ‎
And it would be wrong to offend them as they are exactly like US in every way if the us ‎is a God hating left wing America hating moral equivalency, appeasement monkey who ‎knows GWBUSH and Israel are the real source of evil in the world ‎

‎. Never mind that Jews have lived on the land muslim invaders claim for 3500 years. The ‎invaders claim “oppression and rights” the media propagates the criminals right to be ‎free of oppression and it has gone on for so long their claims have become a right and ‎their complaints considered legitimate.‎
Never mind they cut throats from Mecca to Jerusalem to earn the oppression. Is that not a ‎legitimate avenue of investigation or newsworthy?‎

Now the ostensible leader of the Islamic world gets face time with Mike Wallace ‎courtesy of 60 minutes and he seduced the left with his concern for the poor oppressed ‎Americans with out health care problems. He appeals to the protectors of the down ‎trodden with indigent sniveling about being treated as “unequal to America” By ‎president Bush,‎
Never mind that Iran routinely kills young girls and boys for having sex by public ‎hanging, tortures the youth for petty crimes by crushing their bones and has sworn to ‎wipe Israel off the map. ‎

Why are these not legitimate topics to cover on news talk shows?‎
‎ There is equality and then there is equal, I’m sorry Iran is not equal to the freedom ‎liberty and justice America still offers. ‎

As an American and as a human I don’t want non combatants to be killing in war, But I ‎know that Islam doesn’t divide the world into non combatants and fighters, it divide the ‎world into believers and non believers the innocent and the guilty.‎

‎ Only muslims are innocent and the sinners must die. Sure there are many faces of ‎Islam,”Death to America”, “Death to Israel”, “Islam means peace” being some of the best ‎known and most popular.‎

‎ But nowhere behind these disguises is their any debate or disagreement as to what is to ‎be done with the disbelievers (that’s all none Muslims) why is it a hate crime or bigotry ‎to say that out loud?‎

Fighting back is a fool’s game we tighten our own noose, as they do their fighting from ‎schools mosques and hospitals among the women and children so when we retaliate they ‎can trot out their dead in a parody of grief to show how cruel we are. And we care for the ‎dead. .‎

They do not, they put on a face of outrage but it is an act for Cameras the media makes ‎them victim stars and we are the aggressors and we always will be because the media has ‎the same goal as they do the end of freedom and liberty .Why because they hate and fear ‎standards of behavior and they see Christians as the arbiters of those hated rules ‎infringing on their right to say what is right and wrong..And in this blind hatred and petty ‎jealousy they side with the anti Christ religion “Islam” Their faces will be priceless when ‎they to late see what they feared Christians were Muslims really are, Almost as priceless ‎as what they are selling down the river


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