Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cozying up To moderate Nazism.

If Hitler had had the vision of Mohammad we might very well still be ignoring Nazism.

Had he launched daily sneak attacks while denying it was his ideology but radical Nazis who had hijacked the peaceful notions that are the core of the tolerant Nazi ideology. And the only solution to combat the radical Nazis we need to embrace the real moderate Nazis.

Al l the while the active Nazis could go about their piecemeal genocide happily under cover of the apologists protection and denial from above. Yeah that’s the ticket.

Perhaps other ideologies of hate could learn a thing or two?

I can see the press release from the Hihoo bubba of the knights of the Klu Klux Klan saying that their message has been distorted by people who can read and hanging niggers From trees is being misinterpreted as a hate crime. “ These here niggers They are not dying in the normal sense they are changing colors, Its patriotism they is exhibiting”

What is baffling is what happened to the checks and balance in the USA used to be if the president said anything the press would step on each others backs racing to fact check the fool to make him look bad just for spite. And the loyal opposition would rally round the lectern enumerating in detail the why and how of his deceptions.
Who got to them?

Is it perto dollar golden parachutes that protects Islam?

Is it blackmail with a photo of a beloved grandchild’s picture taken with a telephoto lens from a distance at a location when they are supposed to be safe?

Is there a menacing man in a turban in the frame?

What happened to investigative reporting?

Is what a middle eastern studies professor in some swanky high-priced journalism school the be all and end all of what Islam is? Is it sufficiently biased and sympathetic to the liberal cause to paint you a Zionist racist if you question the conclusions of the mujahadeen /professor?

Who decided it might be a good idea to get lesson from CAIR as to the benevolence Of Islam to the premier law enforcement and military in the world .Was it David Forte who can be proven to be materially wrong in every assertion he makes about Islam and the middle east?

Is their a minder working at Fox News library and at CNN to muzzle any voice of warning that things may not be as they seem ? Is that person the fool who thought it would be wise to run an OP Ed By Mourad Benchellali (This week the New York Times published an article by Mourad Benchellali, who spent two years as a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay.

He portrayed himself as a victim, saying this: 'When I was 19, I made the mistake of listening to my older brother and going to Afghanistan on what I thought was a dream vacation ... it turned out to be a Qaeda training camp.'

The New York Times allowed this man to paint himself as a victim of abuse, an object of sympathy.

But here is what the Times did not tell you.

Mourad Benchellali's brother was convicted today of terrorism charges and sentenced to ten years in a French prison. His father, a radical cleric, was also convicted of terror charges. His mother and half-brother are convicted terrorists.

But the New York Times wants us to believe that this guy simply made a bad vacation decision and wound up in Guantanamo Bay. What a bunch of bull! Most readers of the New York Times have no idea who Mourad Benchellali is - they just read his sorrowful words, and then run down to Starbucks in West Hollywood and tell their friends the military is torturing people.

Enough is enough with this b.s. The New York Times should be ashamed of itself!" whose spend some time in Guantanamo bay who denies any connection to terrorism despite his entire family being already in prison for one terror crime or another.

Sure Robert Spencer might get 20 minutes in a year but there are half a million other minutes of bullshit to counter it every year just to be safe.

And safe we are we are promised that it is only a hand full of misunderstanders of Islam causing the trouble and most muslims reject “radicalism” and want modernity yet daily they require special rules treatment and concessions and when asked, insist western culture is to be rejected in favor of sharia and Islam ,every time, everyone of them, If you ask them the right way.. There is no end to the garbage and once you start swallowing it there is just no reason to stop, its to embarrassing to admit you were wrong.

One thing still seems true in a war the first victim is truth the canary in the coalmine has been replaced with an ostrich in the beltway.


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